12.16.13 ‘Nothing Without You - REVIEW’ (Way Too Indie)
12.12.13 ‘Xackery Irving explains the benefits of a small crew in ‘Nothing Without You’ (Way Too Indie)
05.07.13 ‘SFF Interview: Nothing Without You’ (Sarasota Patch)
04.04.13 ‘An Interview with Xackery Irving, Director and Writer of Nothing Without You’ (This Week In Sarasota)
12.08.12 ‘Disturbing Trust: Preview of Nothing Without You’ (Santa Fe Film Festival)
12.06.12 Santa Fe Radio Cafe Interview (KSFR)
09.27.12 ‘Nothing Without You’ Wins Top Prize At The 2012 Toronto Independent Film Festival (Indiewood/Hollywoodn’t)
09.26.12 ‘Nothing Without You’ Wins Top Prize At The 2012 Toronto Independent Film Festival (Press Release)
08.28.12 ‘Nothing Without You’ premieres at Toronto Independent Film Festival (One Red Leaf Entertainment)
08.27.12 ‘Nothing Without You’ - Official Selection In 2012 Toronto Independent Film Festival (Press Release)
06.11.12 ‘Nothing Without You’ Uses Viral Campaign to Hook Audiences
04.26.12 “Nothing Without You” - An Indie Psych Thriller Completed, Director Cast Real Police Detectives For Added Realism
08.11.11 W. Va. Native Brings Film Home (pdf)
08.07.07 Xackery Irving Tells FILMLINKER How To "Gear Up To Make Your Movie"
08.03.06 The GAZZ: Film Awards Blurb about American Chain Gang
05.01.06 American Chain Gang Wins Prize In The Appalachian Film Festival
02.09.06 PAJAMA MEDIA: 'American Chain Gang' premieres at Warner Theatre: Morgantown filmmaker Xackery Irving comes home to showcase award-winning documentary
12.22.05 FILM THREAT Reviews American Chain Gang
12.07.05 ALT WEEKLIES: "Not Working On a Chain Gang" by Nikki Davis
12.01.05 THE DOMINION POST: "Morgantown Native's Film Finally Released"
11.29.05 DVD TALK Review Of American Chain Gang
11.11.05 PRESS RELEASE: "Filmmaker's Controversial Chain Gang Documentary Available on DVD"

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