New York, NY (April 26, 2012) Nothing Without You, a 95-minute psychological suspense thriller, written, directed and shot by filmmaker Xackery Irving has just completed post-production.  

The film focuses on a young woman, accused of a brutal murder, and on the run from police, turns to her psychiatrist to prove her innocence and unravel the mystery of what is real and what is her delusional fantasy.

To play the police officers who chase the main character throughout the film, Xackery Irving turned to his verité filmmaking roots and found real-life cops for the part.

Irving, who also produces documentary television for A&E and National Geographic, The Learning Channel and CBS, developed the film project between TV gigs.  While posted in Louisville, Kentucky for the show The First 48, Irving shot Nothing Without You during a hiatus from the television show, and hired some of the real-life detectives he followed for the show’s murder investigations.

The First 48 is a documentary program that follows the inner-workings of actual homicide investigations as they happen.

“We had developed a close bond with officers, having filmed them for weeks through every step of their real-life murder investigations.  When we got approval to work with them in our film, that bond we had developed helped to create some very believable scenes.  It gave the film an air of realism and authenticity. ” Irving shares. 

Irving and his producers Rick Santos and Laura Wilson made the 188-scene film for under $200,000 using a small crew and shooting on the Red One Digital Cinema camera.  "We used some documentary production techniques to keep the production running on time and on budget. We hired a skeleton crew and mostly lit for '360’ allowing us to shoot a number of takes without having to reset lighting for every set-up.' 

Irving’s last feature film, the  award-winning documentary American Chain Gang, competed as a finalist in such festivals as SXSW, Atlanta, Nantucket, New Orleans, and Atlanta before finding international broadcast and DVD distribution.

“We’re delighted to have completed the film, and look forward to submitting to international festivals and screening for distributors,” says Xackery. The film stars Emily Fradenburgh, Keith McGill Joshua Loren and Katherine Mapother.

For more information about the film visit www.nothingwithoutyoufilm.com. 

Xackery Irving, ChainGangPictures


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