New York, NY (September 25, 2012) ‘Nothing Without You,’ an independent psychological suspense thriller written, directed and shot by Xackery Irving, won the Best Feature Award (for a film budgeted under $250k) at its international festival premiere at the 2012 Toronto Independent Film Festival.

“We were so thrilled to learn our film won this award,” said director Irving. “It’s an honor to be recognized by a festival that caters specifically to truly independent films.”

“It was exciting to have played at the Toronto Independent Film Festival and get some great exposure for our project,” says producer Rick Santos. “When we were named best feature, we were floored.”

The 2012 Toronto Independent Film Festival, which screened at the 700-seat Toronto Underground Cinema in downtown Toronto featured hand‐selected 22 feature independent films.  Like Slamdance, the competition plays during a larger festival event (in this case, TIFF) and offers a fantastic opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their achievements, in a space where all the key players of the film industry have gathered.

‘Nothing Without You,’ a 95‐minute thriller, focuses on a young psych‐patient accused of a violent murder, who turns to her court‐appointed therapist to prove her innocence and sanity.

In the vain of signature suspense films like ‘Memento,’ ‘The Machinist’ and ‘The Sixth Sense’, Nothing Without You’ employs a roller-­‐coaster plot to tell the story of main character whose impaired sense of reality sets up major surprises in the film’s plot.

The film stars Emily Fradenburgh, Keith McGill, Joshua Loren and Katherine Mapother.

The filmmakers look forward to soon announcing a venue for their U.S. festival premiere. 

Xackery Irving, ChainGangPictures
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